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Round bottle labeling machine semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine price self-adhesive labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-22
The automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine is suitable for the labeling of the circumference and half of the circumference of the cylindrical object that is not stable. It adopts the method of horizontal transmission and horizontal labeling to increase stability and improve labeling efficiency. Optional coding machine or inkjet printer to the labeling head can be realized on the label to print production date, batch number and printing bar code and other information. Optional inkjet printer to conveyor belt can be used to print production date, batch number, barcode and other information on the product before or after labeling. Core working principle: The bottle separating wheel separates the products and puts them on the conveyor belt. The sensor detects the passing of the products and sends back signals to the labeling control system. At the appropriate position, the control system controls the corresponding motors to send out the labels and attach them to the products to be labelled. In position, the product flows through the labeling device, the labeling belt drives the product to rotate, the label is rolled, and the attaching action of a label is completed. Equipment features: 1. High-speed and stable bottle breaking rate, good labeling effect, high efficiency; adopts a new vertical hopper automatic bottle separation mechanism; application of flexible bottle separation technology and flexible labeling conveying technology can effectively eliminate the error caused by the bottle itself The bottle separation is not smooth, and the stability is improved, and the bottle breaking rate is less than one hundred thousandths; at the same time, it can greatly save manpower and material resources and improve efficiency. 2. Flexible application, horizontal labeling of bottles, vertical hopper horizontal feeding, horizontal roller conveyor labeling, inclined conveyor chain, automatic bottle guide, flexible labeling. 3. Accurate labeling and high stability. 4. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no-object no-labeling, no-label automatic correction and automatic label detection functions to prevent missing labels and label waste. 5. After expanded functions, other equipment can be connected to meet more needs of users.
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