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Round bottle labeling machine semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine price self-adhesive labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-23
Regarding the industry application of labeling machines, most people only know one-sidedly. In fact, many of them are not clear. Today, Bogao will give you a detailed introduction to the application of labeling machines from various industries, so that everyone can understand the labeling machine better. Get up and take a look! 1. Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a major user of automatic flat labeling machines and automatic round bottle labeling machines. It has high requirements for speed. The design of the labeling machine must also consider the integration of the process before and after labeling. It provides additional functions such as light inspection before labeling and automatic bottle holder after labeling. 2. Daily chemical industry: The application of daily chemical industry requires different shapes due to the changeable shape of the container. Soft-body plastic containers and 'no label visibility' also increase the difficulty of labeling accuracy and bubble elimination control. Therefore, high-precision automatic round bottle labeling machines and high-precision automatic flat labeling machines are used a lot. 3. Food industry: The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and multi-layer labels provide more space for publicity and promotion for vertical labeling machine manufacturers, and also pose new challenges for the design of labeling machines. 4. Beverage industry: The application of the beverage industry requires high-speed and accurate positioning of high-precision automatic round bottle labeling machines, and often one bottle with multiple labels, plus the label appearance and materials often change, and the position is controlled during labeling The technical requirements are very high. 5. Electronic industry: The electronic industry has very professional requirements for the application of label wire labeling machines, such as wire folding labeling machines, power cord labeling machines, etc. In addition to the particularity of the label material, the labeling machine also has extremely high requirements Accuracy, the high-speed labeling machine cooperates with other production links, can print and paste a large amount of data in real time, and can exchange data with the main system, etc. 6. Battery industry: The battery manufacturing industry has widely used automatic labeling machines for roll-to-roll labeling. use. A well-designed labeling machine can operate at high speed while ensuring that the interface of the label is flat, taking into account the prevention of short circuits, and at the same time providing the function of label shrinkage. 7. Petrochemical industry: The petrochemical industry often requires large barrels and horizontal labeling machines. Product labels are affixed to large bottles and other containers. The speed and accuracy requirements are relatively loose. However, due to the large labels, the power requirements of the labeling machine are relatively high, and large-area labels are attached to the curved surface, or the speed is uneven. When labeling online, keeping the label indicating that it is flat is also the focus of the designer. 8. Medical industry: The medical supplies manufacturing industry uses more and more self-adhesive labels. In addition to labeling, labels also provide other functional uses. The design of labeling machines should also be based on the particularity of the label. different. , Is an innovative manufacturer of packaging equipment integrating Ru0026D, production, sales and after-sales service. Focus on the development of high-precision automatic flat labeling machine, half-fold labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, automatic filling machine and other non-standard automation equipment in the field of packaging and marking.
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