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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-19
With the development of the times, the types of products have also increased, leading to a lot of round bottle labeling machines on the market. In fact, different manufacturers have different production methods when producing this product. Of course, each production method can be used. Brings us a series of experiences, but when we are in full-scale production, everyone must have a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the production of this product, and what are the characteristics of this product in the process of full-scale production. What kind of usage. 1. Suction sticking round bottle labeling machine is used for processing. To be precise, the label paper of the entire equipment is distributed on some vacuum mats after leaving the conveyor belt, and then these mats can be connected to the machine device. The last place, when the mechanical device stretches to the label or contact with the parts, it will shrink back. At this time, all the labels can be glued to the packaging items. This round bottle labeling machine method In the actual operation, the accuracy requirements are relatively high, which is especially suitable for the processing of difficult products. 2. When the blow-and-stick round bottle labeling machine is fully processed, it is effectively improved on the original basis. In fact, the difference between it and the vacuum cushion is still very different, because when this product is If fixed or positioned, basically there will be hundreds of small holes on the plane. These small holes themselves are used to maintain the formed air jets. These air jets can blow out a stream of compressed air. Relatively speaking, their The pressure will be relatively strong, but if processed in this way, all these labels can be pasted on the packaged items. What are the processing methods of the round bottle labeling machine? Through the above introduction, I believe most people should understand it. When we want to process, we can choose any processing method that suits ourselves based on our actual situation. In order to meet our final processing needs.
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