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Rotary labeling machine function introduction-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-24
In the principle of traditional rotary labeling machine, the main structure of a modern labeling machine designed as a rotary type is always different. The labeling speed and fixed-point positioning ability of these labeling machines are higher, and they are filled with milk. The speed and the transfer speed of the automated production line are the number of glass bottles or containers per hour. The original rotary labeling machine consists of a turntable and 6 stations. A turntable is installed on the outer edge of the turntable to receive the container orientation during labeling. Mark. In addition to the rotary labeling machine, the labeling machine also has an input-output conveyor belt that allows glass bottles, PE bottles and other objects to enter the labeling machine and out of the labeling machine through a rotating star wheel, and one or more A label dispenser sends the labels from a roller or a long label box to the labeling station for precise labeling. The bottle press head presses the bottle or container on the bottle carousel from the upper part, so that it will not fall when rotating at high speed. Under normal circumstances, the carousel of modern labeling machines uses a decentralized servo drive. Due to the constantly changing position of the bottle holder turntable, the labeling machine manufacturer cannot install a fixed cam. Only the timely servo technology can ensure the high flexibility of the labeling machine. In order to accurately locate the label, the labeling machine must rotate the container to be labeled to the corresponding position. For this reason, a mechanism or sensor is needed to determine the exact position of the label on the bottle, which can be a seam or a mark. The sensor recognizes the mark and sends the information to the upper servo system, thereby realizing the accurate positioning of the bottle carousel. According to the required positioning strategy, the rotary labeling machine solution, the labeling machine uses a mechanical device to place the container to be labeled on a specific position, for example, a mechanical cam rotates the bottle to be labeled until the bottom of the bottle or the side of the bottle meets one by one. Sewing or marking is inserted into the mechanical brake device. This means that the mechanical cost will be very high when changing the bottle shape or other packaging, because if the alignment seam changes, the alignment unit must be replaced as a whole, even including the mechanical cam if not ideal. The use of mechanical alignment only makes sense when the type of container to be labeled is basically the same and the requirements for flexibility are not too high.
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