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Rely on three trends in pharmaceutical automatic labeling machine equipment to quickly open the pharmaceutical market

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-09
From the perspective of labeling equipment companies, in the face of market dividends, medical automatic labeling machine equipment companies should seize market opportunities, combine market demand, grasp the development trend of medical labeling, and develop and produce more suitable for actual needs. device of. Lightweight is a major trend in drug labeling bottles. At present, the global medical labeling trend mainly shows these points. The demand for plastic bottles is high. It is estimated that by 2020, the total global sales of plastic medicine bottles will reach 20.6 billion US dollars. At the same time, lightweighting will be an important trend in plastic bottles. 'Because when a plastic labeling is successfully implemented to reduce the weight, the resin material used in the process of plasticization and molding will be reduced.' The labeling technician said that this not only effectively saves resources, reduces costs, but also reduces Discharge of waste and protect the environment. For the plastic bottled market, industry insiders suggest that labeling equipment companies should combine the needs of lightweight plastic bottled packaging, upgrade related equipment, continuously improve the industry's technological innovation level, process manufacturing level, management level and financial strength, and use modern capital means to grow bigger Strengthen the market, eliminate backward companies, and improve overall strength. The industry pays more attention to the labeling of child-resistant packaging. More and more parents and manufacturers place their hopes on innovative packaging and labeling, hoping to develop packaging labels with more child-resistant functions to ensure the safety of children's medicines. In this regard, labeling equipment companies must not only ensure that the equipment can produce products with high quality and safety performance, but also develop equipment products that can meet the labeling requirements of new child protective packaging. Increasing attention to environmental protection. For pharmaceutical companies, in the context of environmental protection, pharmaceutical companies need to fulfill their social responsibilities and produce a drug, and the goal of labeling is how to get more with fewer and more environmentally friendly materials Pharmacy sales share. Therefore, environmental protection, energy saving, and green have become key considerations for labeling equipment companies. The editor of Bogao Labeling Equipment Network has learned that some reports have predicted the labeling equipment market: By 2022, the global pharmaceutical labeling equipment market will rise sharply from 5.933 million US dollars in 2017 to 824 million US dollars. The growth rate is about 6.8%. It can be seen that the future prospects of the labeling equipment market are relatively optimistic. Despite this, labeling equipment companies still have to follow the development trend of the packaging industry and design and develop more new production equipment to meet the specific needs and wishes of pharmaceutical companies and patients .
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