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Reasons for the label breakage of the labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
When using a double-sided labeling machine, you often encounter label breakage. Many people think that it is caused by equipment failure, but in fact, this is only one of them. There are many reasons for label breakage. Next, the equipment manufacturer will tell you the reason for label breakage:     1. It is wider than the label, which is to make it easier for customers to not waste too much time when peeling the label.    In the process of label transportation and transfer, if the quality of the base paper is not good, it is easy to form small cracks at the edge. In this way, due to the influence of tension, the label with the cracked edge of the base paper will easily fall off, which will cause the label to break.    2. Improper adjustment of the roller on the automatic labeling machine will also cause a certain impact. It is best to adjust the position and pressure when adjusting. In addition, pay attention to check whether the roller has gaps or damage. If so, remember to replace it in time. 3. If the self-adhesive label is wrapped too tightly, it will cause the internal glue to ooze out. These glues will stick the entire label roll together. When the label is attached, the label will break due to tension problems.      Due to the high temperature in summer, the glue is easy to melt. So this situation usually happens in summer.     4. Another situation may be caused by the double-sided labeling machine itself. For example, the label plates and the post on which the labels are wound are usually not lubricated. When sticking occurs, the label will break after a period of time due to uneven force on the label.
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