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Reasons for accuracy deviation of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-03
For an automatic labeling machine, its speed and accuracy have always been people talked about, especially when labeling some more valuable products, the accuracy problem is even more important, if the accuracy is not allowed to affect It will cause great losses to manufacturers. When it comes to this, many people will ask, what are the main factors that affect the accuracy of the automatic labeling machine? Then there will be technicians from Bogao logo to answer this question for you in detail. Automatic labeling machines basically use screw measurement methods. The principle of measurement is that after the material enters the screw, it is marked with the rotation of the screw. The amount of the label is related to the magnitude of the screw rotation. Therefore, if there is measurement when labeling The problem of inaccuracy, so much of it is that there is a problem with the screw. If the output is smaller than the expected amount, we should first remove the labeling head on the automatic labeling machine and observe whether the internal screw is blocked by materials. If so, clean the screw before drying. Install it, and then turn it on for testing to see if the accuracy is still inaccurate. If there are any, it may be a motor problem, because if the motor reaches the end of its service life, the speed and so on will be affected. The screw should make one revolution within the specified time, but it did not turn one revolution due to the motor. , So it caused the phenomenon of insufficient accuracy. If the bid is larger than expected, then we need to check whether the screw is damaged, because the screw is damaged, it will cause the material to be thrown through the damaged gap when the bid is released, and the larger the gap, the material will be discharged. The greater the deviation from the expected. If there is no problem with the screw, you need to ask a professional to check if there is an error in the program, which makes the screw and the predetermined speed do not match. In addition, if the material is susceptible to moisture, it will greatly affect the accuracy of the large labeling, because once the food material is damp, the corresponding density will increase, and the screw still depends on the volume for measurement. At this time, the volume of the material labeled each time If the density has not changed but the density has increased, the accuracy will be inaccurate.
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