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Real-time printing labeling machine to replace manual is inevitable

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-06
Real-time printing and labeling systems are widely used in automated production packaging lines and logistics intermediate links to realize the functions of automatically printing, printing and sticking real-time information, avoiding artificial labeling errors in real-time content, and effective response to information Labeled objects; real-time information that can be printed includes: production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting information, logistics information, sales channel information, barcodes and variable information, etc., especially for applications where variable information is automatically identified. The printed information is computer communication Control or other automated equipment automatically generates real-time information; the printing and labeling machine system label printing and labeling is completed automatically, which improves work efficiency, reliability, immediacy, and accuracy, and also saves labor costs. Real-time printing and labeling The labeling system is widely used in automated logistics systems in the pharmaceutical, tobacco, electronics, chemical, Internet of Things, and daily chemical industries. It is also an ideal choice for secondary and tertiary packaging labeling with electronic supervision codes. Manual labeling has problems such as inaccurate and unsightly positions, missing products, low work efficiency, etc., which can no longer meet the needs of customers. In addition, in recent years, the newly added labor force has decreased, people's living standards have improved, and labor is no longer a cheap resource. The difficulty of finding a job has become more and more common, the labor cost is high, and the labor management is difficult. This is also an important consideration for enterprise cost control. Therefore, the emergence of automatic labeling machines has opened up a new labeling era, realizing true production automation, quality automation, and benefit automation for customers, reducing labor costs, improving production efficiency, and improving product quality. So why is it an inevitable trend for labeling machines to replace manual labeling? What are the advantages of automatic labeling machines compared to traditional manual labeling? Let the automatic labeling machine become the new favorite of enterprises that need to label in the packaging field. At present, many manufacturers are labeling manually. Here I will compare the advantages and disadvantages of automatic labeling and manual labeling to manufacturers. Manual labeling: It is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of labeling, not to mention the slow efficiency. The label is easy to be wrinkled and bubbles, and manual management is also more troublesome. Automatic labeling machine: The efficiency of the automatic labeling machine is 3-5 times that of the manual labeling machine, and the accuracy is high. The label is smooth and bubble-free, and the cost can be quickly recovered in 2-3 months. The advent of the labeling machine has made the process of sticking product trademarks efficient and accurate, and has played an important role in many industries so far.
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