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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-23
Labels are mainly used in daily necessities and document sorting, and they also serve as reminders on the hand account. However, after the emergence of real-time printing and labeling machines, many people will also use real-time printing and labeling machines to make hand-book contents. . Old office tools, you must have seen this style of labels: general labels refer to those with adhesive backing. At present, most of the good labels can be peeled off without any traces of adhesive. Be careful not to buy ones with traces. Adhesive labels are very troublesome to clean up after tearing off. Labels can also refer to those without adhesive. After they are made of plain paper, apply glue on the back to stick them. The label is mainly a reminder function, especially the item classification reminder, or the content contained in the drawer/folder. It has to be said that the label is a great tool for organizing items. The labels are also emphasized by tables, such as arrow-shaped label paper. This type of label can be used in hand accounts. At present, everyone, whether it is possessions or learning content, is becoming more complicated. In fact, tags are needed as an aid in life. The easiest way is to buy handwritten labels with adhesive label paper. If you want to look more neat and beautiful, you can also consider using a real-time printing labeling machine. The label labeling machine was originally used in the workplace, such as cable marking, and now it is beginning to be used in private life. Most labeling machines use label tapes with waterproof and anti-fading film, but they are more industrialized and have no sense of design and interest. If you are using it for children or do not have high requirements for durability, you can buy Bogao's real-time printing and labeling machine, which has many printings to choose from. Hand-held real-time printing labeling machine is the mainstream, but if it is mass production of regular labels, such as numbering, and the label content already in the electronic document, it is not easy to use the small keyboard to type one by one. The Bogao logo can be based on your The labeling machine can be customized to print labels in batches.
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