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PVC sheets have found a major application in the

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-05

When shopping for PVC plastic sheets for cards we look for qualities such as high degree of clarity, maximum color saturation, fast drying, ability to handle thermal lamination, and water-resistance.

The market has a whole variety of PVC SheetsPVC sheets for cards in great colors such as white, gold, light silver and dark silver etc. However, PVC sheeting is inherently subject to the risk of fading when exposed to the sun for extended periods. Nonetheless, the sheets can be chemically treated in order to realize an anti-ultraviolet card variety, and which can last anywhere between five to ten years even with exposure to the sun.

You may need to note that PVC cards are commonly created in thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 0.6mm; this aspect is certainly worth considering before making your orders. Further, most PVC sheets are meant for inkjet printing whereby dye-based or water-based pigments are used, and they also tend to be cheaper compared to those meant for laser jet printing. With inkjet printing manufacturers always caution that the cards should be left to dry for approximately ten minutes after printing before they are subjected to lamination.

More often than not PVC cards need to be laminated so as to protect them from wear and tear, and to prevent their imprinted details from becoming dull as a result of color diffusion. PVC sheets are laminated by enclosing them in PVC overlay films, and which come in coated, uncoated and laser varieties. When shopping for overlay films the two main qualities we should consider are superior graphic visibility and high clarity. If your overlays lack these characteristics then the quality of work achieved on the PVC sheets will most likely be compromised. Overlays also give PVC plastic cards added resilience thus extending their lifespan.

Other than cards, PVC sheets are used for print and graphic arts with regards to creating labels and other advertising displays, globes and maps, shelf danglers, trade show exhibits, banners and placards, mouse pads, and calendars among other applications. This type of PVC sheeting features different grades of glossy or matt surfaces, and which are perfect for front/back silkscreen and offset printing with the ink adhering perfectly to bring out excellent print quality. These are PVC plastic sheets with high-impact strength and edge tear resistance, and which are also flame-resistant and self-extinguishing. They are also available in transparent, opaque or translucent colors.

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