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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-20
In recent years, the beverage market has been booming, and major beverage manufacturers have been facing their own brands to innovate and attract packaging to increase brand value and influence. Even on product labels, aesthetics is also very important, and the appearance of labeling machines has allowed different products to meet the different needs of identification labels. Moreover, the high and efficiency of labeling machines have increased the packaging speed of the beverage industry. As a well-known manufacturer of industrial labeling machines at home and abroad, its leading technology covers beverages, daily chemicals, food, medicine, automobile industry, plastic packaging, electronic appliances, petrochemical industries and other industries. At this time, we all share the application cases of Bogao logo labeling machine series products in the beverage industry, let us appreciate its outstanding performance. Common problems in the beverage industry: 1. In the beverage industry, some companies use PET and plastic labels; 2. Most of the bottles in the beverage industry are round bottles, and there are also square or flat bottles; 3. Some bottles need to be in special locations Labeling. Bogao's solution: Bogao labeling machines are all made of self-adhesive materials. Therefore, before further communicating the needs of labeling machines in the beverage industry, customers need to determine which material to use for labels. For most round bottles in the beverage industry, Bogao round bottle labeling machines can meet the needs of customers. If your bottle is a square bottle or a flat bottle, and the label is to be affixed to the front and back, then please refer to our side labeling machine. If you need to label the bottle in a special position, then the Bogao double-side labeling machine will be very suitable for you. With the help of Bogao's technical support, the company's production efficiency has been greatly improved, bringing a brand new look to the products. In the future, Bogao logo will keep pace with the times, while opening up shortcuts for product packaging, while meeting the actual needs of the Chinese beverage industry in multiple ways, and continuously providing overall solutions for the beverage industry with innovative technologies.
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