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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
The rapid development of the times. With the acceleration of the global industrial 4.0 automation integration, the industry has an unprecedented urgent demand for the continuous improvement of the level of comprehensive automation. The automated industrial-grade real-time printing and labeling machine system is becoming more and more widely used in the unmanned production process. The real-time printing and labeling machine developed by Bogao Logo has advanced technology and reliable system, which can meet the flexible and changeable needs of users for variable printing and labeling. It has very powerful functions, ultra-high precision and ultra-high Professionalism, ultra-high practicality. Brand introduction: the innovator of logo products! With an excellent level of innovative technology, more than 14 years of professional experience, focusing on barcode printers, printing and labeling, label paper and other products! Based on standardized high quality! All products have stable and reliable performance, efficient and high-speed operation, thoughtful design details, and precise printing, which have been unanimously recognized by the industry! Among them, the automatic labeling machine series is the crystallization of scientific wisdom that combines years of development experience and innovative technology. It is specially designed for automatic printing and labeling in the production line. Its precise label positioning and sturdy body design have been successfully applied to industrial automation. ! Bogao print labeling series has a full range of printing and labeling designs, integrated into the needs of multiple product lines, and provides perfect customized solutions. Automated real-time printing and labeling machine application industries: automotive industry, electronics industry, chemical industry, logistics and warehousing industry, packaging industry. Advantages of Bogao logo products: Main features: The real-time printing and labeling host is designed for automatic printing and labeling on the production line, and realizes the operation of real-time printing and labeling. Different types of labeling arms carry out product and package labeling by rolling, blowing or pressing. The omni-directional angle can be rotated by 360 degrees, and the label can be automatically and instantaneously applied regardless of the direction of rotation. The automatic labeling machine not only improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs, but also effectively eliminates possible errors in manual operation. It is an indispensable part of an automated production line. Other features: Various label sizes are applicable: labels with a height of 4–250 mm and a width of 15–174 mm. Outstanding solution for real-time printing and real-time labeling machines: This series is specially designed for automatic printing and labeling machines in the production line. Different special accessories can be selected according to customer requirements to achieve precise label positioning and printing and labeling. Labeling in different directions, whether it is from top to bottom, from bottom to top, printing from both sides, or corners, and can be integrated into various production lines; the same labeling system whether it is horizontal movement or vertical movement or axis rotation or It is in a static state, and achieves accurate label positioning and printing. The labeling speed and printing speed are perfectly matched. Different labeling arms have different labeling speeds, and the speed can reach 60 labeling cycles/min; for fragile product surfaces Or product labels on the move can be blown on the product surface by air pressure jet; for flat and uneven product surfaces, they can be accurately labeled by pressing; for product lines of different heights, they can also be accurately labeled. Labeling; accurate labeling can also be applied to the inside of the pipe or the roller! Our labeling machine products are more to serve industrial automation manufacturers, providing them with perfect solutions and high-quality and reliable products.
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