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Print labeling machine requirements for label indicators-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-23
Labels are not just to add beauty to products. Product labels are a form of expression that reflects brand culture. The equipment for labeling products, conveying product information and beautifying products is playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry, and it is widely used. The user’s favorite, this is the print labeling machine I want to talk to you today. Let's take a look at the four major index requirements of the labeling machine for printing and labeling. 1. The stiffness of the surface material label is the key to the label, so a certain strength and hardness of the surface material is required. The stiffness of the label is related to the thickness of the material and the area of u200bu200bthe label, so when using soft film materials, it should be increased appropriately. Its thickness is generally controlled above 100μm. Thin paper materials, such as 60~70g/m2 label paper, are generally not suitable for making large labels, but suitable for processing into small labels, such as price labels used on price tags. Poor stiffness of the label will cause the label not to be issued during labeling, or the label will be rewinded with the backing paper, which will invalidate the automatic labeling. 2. Release force, also called peeling force, is the force when the label is separated from the backing paper. The release force is related to the type and thickness of the adhesive and the silicon coating on the surface of the bottom paper, as well as the ambient temperature during labeling. If the release force is too small, the label will easily fall off (detach from the bottom paper) during the conveying process; if the release force is too large, it will be difficult for the label to detach from the bottom paper, and the label cannot be released. Various technical indicators should be comprehensively controlled to keep the release force within a reasonable range. 3. Bottom paper is also an important indicator for controlling automatic labeling. It is required that the surface of the bottom paper is coated with silicon uniformly and has the same release force; uniform thickness and good tensile strength to ensure that it does not break when labeling; uniform thickness and good light transmittance to ensure that the sensor correctly recognizes the position of the label. 4. Processing quality. After slitting, both sides of the bottom paper should be smooth and free of breaks to avoid the bottom paper from breaking when the tension changes. When die-cutting, avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroying the silicon-coated layer. If the bottom paper and silicon-coated layer are damaged, the bottom paper will be broken or the adhesive in the label will penetrate into the bottom paper. . In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the static electricity in the roll paper label before labeling, because static electricity will cause the labeling to be inaccurate or inaccurate when labeling. For the product, the label itself carries its own corporate culture and social background, and it takes a long time of precipitation and accumulation in the rapid development to make the connotation more abundant. Therefore, the labeling machine must improve itself while ensuring the quality of the product, so that it can attract and retain users.
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