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Powerbass are a consumer electronics firm based in Chino

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-07

They produce a wide range of consumer products. However this article focuses one just one,

This is Powerbass Xtreme 3XL Subwoofer. So at this stage you may be thinking, what distinguishes this from any other subwoofer on the market

I have listed below a few of the features and benefits to a Powerbass 3XL Subwoofer:.

Firstly; the Powerbass Extreme Subwoofer is constructed using a Proprietary Non-pressed Raw Paper Kraft Cone. This means his rugged cone material provides structural integrity that will handle the abuse a Class D amplifier will deliver to a woofer while delivering maximum cone area and ground pounding SPL. The rough surface helps to break up standing waves.

By having a CNC Billet Aluminum Trim Ring. This clamps the surround for a better grip on the frame by holding it inbetween the ring and frame. This ensures the surround will stay in place during high excursion of the woofer cone.

A HD BASV Optimized Class D Voice Coil amplifier will heat a voice coil 2 to 3 times faster and 2 to 3 times hotter than a standard class A/B amplifier. These specially designed RVC coated high temperature dual 1-ohm voice coils ensure high power handling and precise linear excursion while maximizing thermal heat dissipation that is needed when connected to a class D amplifier.

A Ultra High Roll, 4-Layer Treated Foam Rubber Surround is made up of dense UV treated foam high roll,

surround shaped into a nonstandard design increases SPL, ensures long and linear travel throughout the

entire excursion range and results in more bass output. The high roll surround also gives the woofer more cone area to move more air.

Lastly a Custom Engraved Chrome Backplate enhances the appearance making the 3XL a great woofer to showcase in custom installs.

This subwoofer is also versatile as the performance is equally as good in vented or bandpass enclosures.

The Power Bass Extreme also comes with limited warranty, and also for setup for maximum performance a Power Extreme dealer is recommeded to be used.

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