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Positioning round bottle labeling machine is more cost-effective-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-09
Regarding the question that many customers are asking, can I put two labels on round bottles at a time? The answer is definitely yes, and don’t buy a double-sided labeling machine at a high price. Many round bottle products will be designed with two labels, one label is the product trademark and prominent promotional elements, and the other label is the product's ingredients and other auxiliary materials. Their design can be one big or the same size. Two labels are applied to a bottle. Many friends who have not been in contact with a labeling machine may think that two labeling machines or two labels are needed to solve the problem. Actually, no, there is a round bottle labeling machine that can solve this problem. Our Bogao logo positioning round bottle labeling machine. Positioning the round bottle labeling machine can set the labeling mode of front and back double labels. After the first label is applied, the second label time is designed, and two labels can be applied. Why the positioning round bottle labeling machine can put two labels, because it is a labeling method that fixes the product at the labeling position. After the two labels are applied, the product is released in the covered labeling mechanism and sent away. The double-sided labeling machine can also complete this job. Why not buy it at a big price? Because the double-sided labeling machine is much more expensive than the round bottle labeling machine. However, there is a situation where you can choose a double-sided labeling machine, that is, the labeling speed of this round bottle double label is higher. If it requires more than 50 per minute, you must choose a double-sided labeling machine. + Round bottle labeling mechanism to quickly apply double labels. However, there is also a high-speed labeling machine with double labels for round bottles, but the cost may be higher than that on double sides. Moreover, the double-sided labeling machine is a multi-functional labeling machine, so according to your own labeling speed requirements, it is good to choose between the two. If you have a more detailed understanding, you can consult Bogao logo labeling machine, or you can leave your contact information.
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