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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-04
Speaking of pets, cats and dogs are relatively common animals in our daily lives. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's material living standards, more and more people have their favorite pets. In order to take good care of the diet of their pets, many people choose to feed their pet foods reasonably. There are many kinds of products for pets, such as bagged granular dry food and tinplate canned meat. For the processing of cans, it is divided into internal and external. The inside can be filled with raw materials by a filling machine, and a label labeling machine can be used in the outer packaging. For example, canned cat products in pets, facing the outer packaging of tinplate cans, can use self-adhesive labels, which are completely enclosed on the surface of the product, and add a lot to the canned cat food with a beautiful appearance. Extra points. For the labeling of cat cans, the labeling equipment that rotates around the position is used-cat cans labeling machine. The whole machine is high-end and durable. It is developed and manufactured by the manufacturer of labeling Ru0026D and production experience-Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer. Specific features The introduction is as follows; Cat can labeling equipment; The whole machine adopts the combination of man-machine interface, and the whole labeling process is controlled by the servo system. It is high-speed and stable during operation. All parameter settings, parameter adjustments, and additional configuration management functions are all on the touch screen To achieve the operation. The whole machine has a high degree of automation and belongs to the category of fully automatic labeling machines. For the specifications of common canned cat products, the labeling speed is 30-60 pieces/min, and the accuracy is ±1mm. In addition, other speed ranges support customization. The labeling of the whole machine adopts the method of rotating around positioning. When the product passes the labeling workbench, the two ends are stabilized by the fixed clip, and the bottom instrument rotates the product to complete the rotating labeling of the product (if you want to know more, please contact our online customer service to watch Equipment operation video)
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