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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-08
The page labeling machine is also called the card labeling machine. It has powerful functions and is especially suitable for applying self-adhesive labels to packaging bags one by one, stacks of paper card products, etc. In terms of working principle, the paging labeling machine integrates the automatic paging structure and the functions of the labeling machine. Stacks of products are automatically separated through the paging mechanism, enter the conveyor belt neatly and at intervals, and are fed under the labeling mechanism. After the sensor signal is transmitted to the control system, the motor is controlled to send out the label and attached to the product to be labeled. Location. Features of the page labeling machine: The core technology is the pager, which separates a stack or stack of paper, plastic bags, cards, etc., and then passes the labeling machine for labeling. The labeling machine manufacturer's paging labeling machine adopts an exclusive new card splitting mechanism, which is stable, and adopts an advanced sorting-reverse (or reverse wheel) paging machine, and the card sorting rate is much higher than that of ordinary card splitting mechanisms; In the paging machine, a worm and worm wheel is used to adjust the up and down height of the reverse wheel (to adapt to products of different thicknesses). The worm and worm wheel runs smoothly, with low noise, low vibration, and prevents reversal. With a large speed ratio, it can divide the stroke of the direction wheel up and down. Need to be finer, so that it can be adjusted to the required height faster and reduce the time-consuming adjustment of the machine. The labeling machine produced by the labeling machine manufacturer can meet the labeling of various cards, PE bags, anti-static bags, and paper items. It is suitable for labeling unfolded cartons. The labeling accuracy is stable. The top roller is used to press the workpiece. The conveying is stable without warping, and the labeling accuracy is guaranteed.
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