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People in the car use and maintain there is some

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-22

1.) Blind tear down the engine WenQi section

If because the engine temperature high and blind dismantle WenQi section, cooling fluid can only carry on the big, can't adjust cooling strength, to guarantee the engine is suitable to work under the temperature, but make the engine often is in low temperature condition work, cause the engine power decrease, wear faster, fuel consumption increase. If the engine's day WenQi happen breakdown maintenance or replacement after, the engine temperature is high, should the overhaul to other parts of the cooling system, couldn't tear down WenQi section.

2.) The engine temperature afraid of high not afraid low

Some people think that driving the engine temperature afraid of high not afraid low. In fact, the engine temperature low harmfulness is very big also. According to the instructions shall be stipulated by the car normal temperature driving, to guarantee the engine life.

3.) Water pump fan belt tight, the better

The closer the better not belt. The belt can make its tight not only stretch or fracture, shorten service life of the belt, but also because of excessive tension, lead to generator shaft, water pump shaft bending deformation and bearing early damage. The car engine fan belt the tightness of rewinding should comply with the technical requirements, general normal belt assembling for 10-15 buckling degrees mm is advisable.

4.) Engine use idle to heat up

Use the idle warming, as the rotational speed is low, machine oil can't quicker lubricating oil pressure into all lubricating surface, hydraulic is also low, the movement in the engine parts dry friction or half dry friction state work; Fuel atomization bad because of low temperature, which have not yet been burning fuel into the crankcase, wash away the walls of the cylinder oil film, also can accelerate the wear and tear of the parts. So, the engine starts after a few seconds, the application of the fast idle to warm up, and improve the engine lubrication conditions.

5.) With a blowtorch baking the oil

In winter, the flame blower baking oil, not only can make the additive oil chemistry, losing performance, and still can make the oil, the oil cementing deformation, easy to cause a fire. The best thing to do is according to local winter minimum temperatures choose adaptation of the oil. Where possible, the best vehicle parked in a heat of the facilities in the garage.

Is the advanced clearance method is ultrasonic QingChuFa and spray check division, but with most, the most simple method is QingChuFa physical and chemical QingChuFa. These two kinds of method can also be doing.

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