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Patterned and printed bars are used in barcodes

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-05

In time, barcode labeling has become more efficient and convenient for the user to use. There are various uses of barcode labels some of which are described as under.


When the product is to be delivered across various cities, states and countries; barcode labels is the solution to identify the product quickly and accurately.

Barcodes have become common on tickets as well. Cinemas and travel agencies are increasingly using bar-coded ticketing system where duplicate ticketing frauds is also being minimized.

When handling sensitive information, barcodes are handy in hospitals and such health care facilities where it is important to identify the right person.

Barcode labeling is also useful for calculating the number of hours attended by an employee at the office. Barcode labels help scan thousands of products quickly saving countless hours and operating cost to a business.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners use light and a sensor to operate and detect the codes printed on a product. These scanners are of three types and are differentiated depending on how they connect with the computer.

The earlier models like the RS-232 need to be programmed to work and transfer the data to the software.

The other type of scanners is keyboard scanners. The data is inputted with the help of a keyboard.

The third kind is USB scanners that are easy to install and scan. They are the latest of all.

Barcode Printers

Barcodes printers are useful in making stickers that are stuck on the items to help identify them. These printers are of two types. Direct thermal and thermal. These printers are differentiated basically depending on the way they transfer heat and do the work. They also differ in their prices.

Barcode labeling is the best way to keep track of the inventory in a store house. As the data is being recorded in a computer, barcodes help count how many items of which kind are left in the stock and what items need to be ordered on priority. This makes the whole system efficient and the business can do other things in the time it saves from manually counting the items and keeping a record of it.

The barcode system is streamlining the goods tracking system as the ordered items are also tracked based on their barcode numbers when they are underway to the delivery point. The advantages are numerous and it is important that a business adopts the technology at the right time and save precious hours and money from manual counting and labeling. With time the technology will improve and we will see much faster and more convenient labeling system in the future to come.

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