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Non-standard custom labeling machines are used in various industries-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-07
In the intelligent packaging industry, with the purpose of specializing in technology and innovative practice, we continue to provide major companies with internationally synchronized identification and labeling technology solutions; its independent research and development of fully automatic intelligent labeling machines is widely used in modern industrial society , Products are used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, beverage, electronics, petrochemical and other industries. In addition to being used for labeling, labeling machine labels also provide other functional uses. The design of non-standard custom labeling machines also differs due to the particularity of the labels; automatic labeling machines have been widely used in the battery and packaging manufacturing industries. Paste and shorten labels; medical supplies manufacturing industry is using more and more self-adhesive labels; the use of daily chemical industry requires constant changes due to the changeable shape of containers; the use of beverage industry requires high speed and accurate positioning. One bottle is often multi-labeled, and the appearance and information of the label are often changed, and the position control skills are very high when labeling; the card industry needs to verify and cover the password while printing the password at high speed during the card making process. However, covering the password with traditional silk screen or hot stamping methods is often the production bottleneck. The engineers of Bogao logo boldly tried to use a labeling machine to replace the silk screen to design a card production line that integrates coding, testing, and labeling coverage, and Later, it is more integrated into creativity, adding more production links and combination flexibility, to more effectively meet the changing production needs of users; the petrochemical industry often needs to be in large barrels, and the speed and accuracy requirements are relatively loose; although non-standard custom labeling The machine has brought convenience to major industries, but there are also shortcomings of this and that, waiting for step by step improvement; because the label is large, the power requirements of the labeling machine are higher, and the large area of u200bu200blabel is applied on the curved surface, and Or during online labeling with uneven flow, insisting on the label to indicate flatness is also a place that planners value; for the speed to be very high, the overall planning of the labeling machine should also consider the integration before and after the labeling operation; in addition, the electronics industry The requirements for the use of labels are very professional. In addition to the particularity of the label data, the labeling machine also requires extremely high precision. In cooperation with other production links, it can print and paste a lot of data in real time, and can communicate with the data of the main system, etc. . With the advancement of society and the rapid economic development, the global packaging industry is developing very fast. A well-planned fully automatic intelligent labeling machine can not only improve work efficiency, but also fully demonstrate the value of the product.
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