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Non-standard custom labeling machine Shenzhen self-adhesive labeling machine automatic round bottle labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-06
The non-standard custom labeling machine has stable performance, stable structure and beautiful appearance. Its main functions are: to improve the label efficiency of product labels and film forming, accurate positioning, good quality, and high stability; avoid manual labeling and low shooting efficiency, a series of problems, such as skewing, blistering and wrinkling, and irregular placement Etc.; Effectively reduce product costs, improve the beauty of product logos, and enhance product competitiveness. 1. Labeling machines designed according to different requirements have different levels. Almost everything is customizable. The following is the editor to explain the non-standard custom labeling machine for everyone. 2. Whether the designed labeling machine meets your own product requirements. The labeling machine consists of marking and adopting standard devices. More advanced is that it is also equipped with a printing device or glue coating device. When customizing a non-label labeling machine, there must be a scientific and reasonable equipment design, a simple operating system, and efficient and stable work efficiency. The smaller the error of the label, the better. 3. The working environment of the labeling machine is also one of the influencing factors. The first is the size of the workshop space. For example, our company's client Hong Kong owns limited land in Hong Kong. The size of the seminar is limited. So it can be customized according to customer needs. In addition, when customizing the labeling machine, the temperature and humidity of the air are also factors that need to be considered. 4. The above important matters have already been mentioned, and after-sales factors are also very important. It is usually recommended that customers transport the goods after they arrive at the testing machine. At the same time, labeling machine manufacturers also need to provide on-site installation, commissioning and simple maintenance training. Ensure that the labeling machine can be produced normally before leaving the customer site.
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