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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-07
The definition of non-standard automatic labeling machine is user-customized, user-only, and non-market-circulated automation system integration equipment. It is assembled with unit equipment manufactured in accordance with the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the country. It is a device developed, designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers. Different types of customers have different labeling process requirements. As the demand for workers in all walks of life is increasing substantially. In the production sector, the wages of workers in labor-intensive enterprises are a large expenditure, and costs are rising sharply. Under the prerequisite of ensuring product quality, if you want to make cheaper products, the only way to go is to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The speed of manual operation is limited, no matter which station or product, it does not rule out the possibility that it can be operated by machine. The wages of workers only rise (determined by the labor law) and must be paid on time every month. This fee increases with the extension of the workers' working years. The packaging industry is no exception. It is a trend to replace labor with machines, and unmanned labeling of enterprises is also our ultimate goal. Non-standard automatic labeling machine is abbreviated as non-standard machine, also called custom labeling machine. Many labeling equipment manufacturers will make some commonly used labeling machines based on some commonly used data in the industry. If some products are special, they will use non-standard labeling machines if they can’t be done by standard labeling machines. The machine is a labeling machine tailored for enterprises and products. The custom-made labeling machine can make the company's products display in the major sales channels with a perfect image, generate popularity and increase sales. How about the price of labeling machine equipment? Is it expensive? Will it be a very large device? Will the operation be difficult? These are the issues that companies will pay attention to when purchasing labeling machines. First of all, I still recommend buying the right equipment. Non-standard equipment is generally more expensive than standard equipment, where is it expensive? 1. The labeling scheme, the idea of u200bu200bthe technical engineering engineer of each manufacturer is different, and the scheme made is different. 2. The electrical configuration of the equipment, such as the labeling machine connected to the filling machine, requires a very fast speed. The labeling machine manufacturer configures a higher motor according to such special requirements, which is also a factor affecting the price. Bogao has many years of technical experience in labeling machines, and can make different labeling schemes according to different products. It is simple to operate and fully automatic equipment can be connected to the production line of the enterprise, such as filling line, bottle unscrambler, conveyor belt, etc. You can get free labeling schemes, videos, labeling product information and quotations with samples, please consult customer service or call.
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