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New and old labeling machine equipment which is cost-effective

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-17
The label is our compass for the product. The labeling machine plays an essential role in the ever-developing society, allowing us to fully understand the product information through the label. Relatively speaking, there are few unlabeled products. Someone cares about it. However, many users feel that second-hand machines are more cost-effective than new ones. When the user's use of the local economy is in a recession, they will not bear the risk of paying for the loan when buying a new labeling machine! Second-hand labeling machines can have a lot of With a good market rate of return, the benefits obtained when the machine is scrapped are more cost-effective than buying a new machine. Now let's take a look at how in this highly competitive sales, what are the benefits of choosing a new labeling machine? 1. Newly purchased models do not have to worry about the applicability of the main body's basic functions, and do not have to worry about the quality and labeling speed. It cannot be guaranteed. 2. Don't worry about whether the equipment has been damaged or repaired, because the manufacturers all produce brand-new equipment, which is assembled, debugged and then installed on site. 3. After-sales guarantee. It is difficult to obtain protection after buying second-hand products, and the manufacturers are different, and problems will be solved in time for you. 4. Which of the new and old labeling machine equipment is cost-effective, this is still worth discussing. If you buy a second-hand one, you are more worried about being slaughtered. The result is really useless. I think this is the most common psychology when buying second-hand things. On the whole, the cost performance of new and old equipment is really questionable.
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