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Long-term use of the labeling machine also needs to wash and bath-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-08
Long-term use will cause the labeling machine to be contaminated with various stains. Therefore, in order to further improve the labeling efficiency of the labeling machine and ensure the cleanliness of the equipment, the relevant operators must learn to clean the labeling machine correctly. It should be cleaned before and after, and the equipment should be cleaned every once in a while. The oil stains, liquid chemicals, glass fragments, waste labels, etc. on the labeling machine should be removed in time, and some stains that are not easily noticed should be removed. Clean and clean. Before cleaning, we need to prepare tools, including: brush, cleaning cloth, cotton, tweezers, rubber gloves and 95% ethanol solution. The cleaning method needs to be operated in accordance with relevant specifications, as follows: First, turn off the power of the device and pay attention Set the labeling speed knob, label delivery speed knob, and transport speed knob related buttons to the zero position, remove the used waste label rolls and waste printing tape rolls, collect them in the waste bucket, and dispose of them according to regulations. Then, slightly push the movable type loading and unloading handle inward, rotate it 90°-180°, take off the hook head, remove the movable type module, loosen the fixed screw on the movable type module, and remove the movable type. Use the prepared 95% ethanol solution to gently wipe the type and movable type module, put the type into the type box, and reinstall the movable type module on the printing head. The waste labels in the steel pan are counted and destroyed, and the residues such as glass shards are collected into the waste bucket. Use a brush to collect dust particles and debris on the exterior of the automatic labeling machine, such as the loading hopper, the turntable, and the conveyor belt, into the waste bucket. Wipe the exterior of the machine with a damp cleaning cloth. In addition, use a cleaning agent to wipe the surface of the labeling machine with oil and stains, use a clean damp cloth to remove the cleaning agent residue, and then use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe it dry. Then use 95% ethanol solution to wipe the belt feeding wheel, pressing belt wheel, and belt guide curved rod of the heating code machine to avoid slippage of the sticky tape, resulting in unclear printing. After cleaning, ensure that the labeling machine has a smooth and clean appearance, free of visible dust, grease, and dirt. After the above operations are completed, the user should fill in the labeling machine cleaning records in accordance with the regulations and make records. Nowadays, with the continuous development of society, the role of automatic labeling machines is becoming more and more important, and its position in the packaging industry is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, for users, they should know more about the specifications for the use of some equipment. , You must know that the labeling machine and its stability are directly related to the production cost of the enterprise. As a labeling equipment, Bogao logo labeling machine has a wide range of applications in children's toys, daily miscellaneous goods, household appliances, stationery and other fields. In actual production, it has a sticking orientation, good quality, and high stability. Advantages, effectively avoiding a series of problems in the traditional manual labeling process, such as low film power, inclined application, blistering and wrinkles, and irregular application orientation. Moreover, the equipment has good labeling stability, flat labeling and no wrinkles. , No air bubbles, it can be satisfied that most products have the required labeling on the flat and large arc surfaces.
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