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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-26
Many people’s childhood memories. In the TV series 'Seventy-two TenantsIt pours the shoe polish into a soft brush and wipes it, and then polishes the leather shoes with a woolen cloth to make the leather shoes shiny. This shows the protective effect of shoe polish on the leather shoes. In reality, the usage rate of shoe polish is also very high. For friends who often wear leather shoes, it is only natural to have a bottle of shoe polish to protect their favorite shoes. For this reason, many shoe polish manufacturers have seized the business opportunity to produce shoe polishes in many packaging styles for demand. Common shoe polish products are packed in boxes, and some shoe polish products are packed in bottles and toothpaste shapes, which are suitable for different consumer groups. Faced with the packaging and production of these types of products, there are usually many styles such as labeling or inkjet printing on the surface of the product. For the process of labeling the surface of shoe polish products, our Bogao logo flat labeling machine can be used. The equipment is designed reasonably, and the whole machine is equipped with a variety of advanced components to coordinate operation, which can satisfy the processing of many shoe polish bottle-shaped products on the market. . 1. As shown in the figure; it is a leather shoe polish automatic labeling machine equipment, the whole machine adopts servo (plc) system control, and precise electric eye detection and tracking. The equipped labeling head can be adjusted freely and flexibly, and the processed products have a variety of styles, satisfying the labeling of boxed shoe polishes of different height specifications. 2. The equipment is equipped with a variety of management functions, including labeling and automatic guidance function, parameter switching function between different product processing, as well as the conventionally configured production counting function, and fault alarm function. 3. The whole equipment is a fully automatic labeling machine, which supports long-term processing and stable operation. When the equipment is properly maintained, the shoe polish product on the equipment can reach 200 pieces/min, and the label accuracy is ±1mm. No label deviation, no labeling, missing labels and other problems. The above is our Bogao logo's related answers to the leather shoe polish labeling machine. If you have a labeling machine need, please contact us, our staff will give you the most considerate service, our Bogao logo welcomes you.
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