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Learn more about the reasons for the label breakage of the sticker labeling machine-Industry News

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-30
After the self-adhesive label on the edge of the self-adhesive labeling machine is die-cut and processed into a finished product, the backing paper is generally left wider than the label. This is to facilitate the removal of the label when the customer is labeling. In the process of label packaging, transportation and handling, it is easy to crack the bottom paper on the edge of the label and cause small cracks. When labeling, there is a specific tension, and the label with a crack on the edge of the backing paper is easy to be pulled under the action of the tension and the label will break. In addition, improper adjustment of the rollers on the equipment may cause the rollers to fracture the bottom paper at the edge of the label and cause the labeling to break. Generally, the labeling breaks caused by the roller crushing the bottom paper, and the bottom paper has regular cracks.     If the finished label is rewinded too tightly, the adhesive in the self-adhesive will be squeezed out, causing the glue to ooze, and the oozing glue will stick to the back of the backing paper to make the entire roll of labels difficult to loosen. This situation is obvious in summer. If the label is narrower, the tensile strength per unit area of u200bu200bthe backing paper will not be too great. There is a specific tension during the labeling process. When a roll of labels with leaking glue is used for automatic labeling, it is very likely that the bottom paper of the label will be removed during the labeling process under the tension of the self-adhesive labeling machine and the tension from the inside of the roll. Being pulled off causes the labeling to break. The labeling broken tape caused by this situation is broken due to tensile force, so the bottom paper breaks irregularly, but the broken surfaces are relatively uniform.    The quality of die-cutting also has a great impact on whether it is easy to break during automatic labeling. If the die-cutting pressure is too high, the bottom paper will be cut through, which will cause the bottom paper's tensile strength to drop and cause the labeling to break. The broken surface of the bottom paper of the labeling broken tape caused by poor die-cutting is relatively uniform, and the crack is at the position of the die-cutting line.     If the release layer of the backing paper (usually the silicone oil layer) is damaged, it will also cause the labeling to break. In the labeling broken tape caused by this situation, the broken surface of the backing paper is jagged. The damage to the release layer is caused by defects in the production and coating of raw materials. At the same time, the release layer may be scratched due to improper techniques in the process of inspection and replenishment in the printing plant.
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