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Lean production labeling machine can also be replaced with a new light-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-17
The labeling process in the biological health care product workshop is the penultimate process in product production. The quality of the labeling directly determines whether the product can be packed and sold. However, the existing labeling machine has been in use since August 2006, and it has been 14 years since then, and the problem of machine aging has become increasingly prominent. The labeling work requires uninterrupted and sudden stop of the roll label axis, and the accuracy of the rotation angle is very high. However, due to the serious problems of aging and wear of the equipment, there is a 3-5 mm error in the position of the bottle label, which affects the appearance. At the same time, the bottle There are often failures such as mutual adhesion and broken labels, which cannot meet the requirements of product quality and production capacity. After discovering the problem, the staff in the health care product workshop communicated with a number of technicians, and they all suggested replacing the aging roll labeling shaft assembly of the labeling machine at a cost of about 3,000 yuan. In order to save costs, they carefully analyzed the principles and instructions of the equipment, conducted equipment inspections and online inquiries, and found that the equipment can be restored to normal by processing some parts. After demonstration and actual measurement, key grooves can be added to the machine's 2 label shaft shrink sleeves and the stepping motor shaft to strengthen the fixation and ensure the rotation accuracy of the label shaft. With the joint efforts of everyone, the labeling machine has resumed normal operation, and faults such as trademark adhesion, large deviations, and missed stickers have been eliminated. The deviation of the bottle label is controlled within 1 mm, which saves the company. There are many examples of this in the health product workshop. At the end of last year, the employees’ discarded computer motherboards were used to transform the automatic labeling machine, saving more than 15,000 yuan; connecting pipes were installed between the No. 1 circulation system and the No. 2 circulation system in the water production workshop. , Facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of the system, reduce the potential safety hazards caused by the second injection of disinfectants, etc., and reduce the production cost for the company. They said they would continue to implement the company's requirements for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement at the beginning of the year. This kind of ownership is worth learning from all workshops.
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