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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-17
The market competition of automatic labeling machinery such as labeling machines in my country is characterized by three levels: high, medium, and low-end. The low-end market is mainly composed of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, which produce a large number of low-level, low-grade, and low-priced products. These enterprises are distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other regions; the mid-end market has certain economic strength and Companies with new product development capabilities, but their products are more imitated, less innovative, their overall technical level is not high, and the level of automation of their products is low, and they cannot enter the high-end market; and in the high-end market, companies that can produce medium and high-end products have appeared. Some of their products have reached the international advanced level and can compete positively with similar products of large multinational companies in the domestic market and some overseas markets. Generally speaking, my country is still in fierce competition in the low-end market, and imports in the high-end market are still More, with the continuous research and development of new domestic products, continuous breakthroughs in new technologies, and the significant cost-effective advantages of domestic equipment, the market share of imported equipment in my country’s automatic labeling machinery market will decrease year by year, and the export capacity of domestic equipment will increase. . In the increasingly competitive market environment, if the market dynamics and development trends of the industry development cannot be accurately studied and judged, technology upgrades and business model innovations will be carried out in a timely manner, along with the continuous development and growth of other small and medium-sized enterprises and the acceleration of foreign manufacturers to set up factories in China The localized operation of my country’s labeling machines and other automatic machinery companies in China will face greater market competition risks. 1. Large-scale and group-oriented The production capacity of centralized enterprises continues to develop towards large-scale and group-oriented development in order to pursue economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises should not blindly introduce production lines under the current situation of insufficient funds and technical strength, and can adopt the mode of providing spare parts production for large-scale machinery enterprises. 2. Exploring a new situation for product export. my country's food and labeling machinery has moderate technology, low price and good quality, which is very suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions. In the future, the prospects for export to these countries and regions are broad, and some equipment can also be exported to developed countries. . 3. Improve the technical content of products Without good technology as a backing for the development of an enterprise, it is impossible to go for a long time. Realize the integration of mechatronics and intelligence, the development of product informatization, the introduction of new technologies, and the acceleration of the ISO9000 certification progress of the enterprise. Further improve the technical level, stability and reliability of the equipment. Only by facing reality bravely, actively changing this state, improving product development capabilities, and forming their own innovation capabilities, can we catch up. 4. Strengthen the development and innovation of new products. Most of my country's food labeling machinery has been developed on the basis of learning from imported equipment. For products that have a large gap with foreign countries or blank products, they should actively introduce technology, digest and absorb, and gradually learn from it to fully grasp it. . For products that have a certain foundation but have a certain gap with similar foreign products, adopt the method of learning and reference, strengthen the research of relevant key technologies and core technologies, and encourage development and innovation. 5. Development of food labeling machinery with strong demand. With the expansion of domestic demand for packaged food and the increase in export demand, food labeling machines have peeped into market opportunities from the tide of price increases. Summarizing from years of development experience, in the past, my country’s food machinery industry was knowledgeable for simple manufacturing processes, not much of its own products, but a repetitive manufacturing. In this state, it is unrealistic to move closer to the industry’s high-end industries. Therefore, necessary changes must be made. In terms of products, efforts should be made to make use of the company's own advantages to create its own, technically innovative products, and label labeling machines, rotary labeling machines and hot melt adhesives. Relying on the spirit of being refined, bigger, stronger, and more detailed, can the company develop and gradually establish itself in the high-end areas of the industry. In general, the series of labeling machines produced by Bogao are still in fierce competition in the high-end market. With the company's continuous research and development of new products, continuous breakthroughs in new technologies, and the significant cost-effective advantage of domestic equipment, the stickers produced by Bogao are The export capacity of labeling machines, including rotary labeling machines and hot melt adhesive labeling machines, has been greatly enhanced.
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