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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-16
A large number of cartons are used in express logistics bases and factories, and the larger ones are combined with assembly line work. More than 90% of these large cartons will need to be labeled. Moreover, most of the carton labeling in these types of places will be used to implement printing and labeling. Regardless of the implementation of printing or conventional labeling, we can use the original assembly line to carry out cost-effective labeling work. Especially for large cartons, the size can reach more than 500mm, and the conventional flat or side machine cannot load. If you combine the original assembly line, it will be easy to do with the assembly line labeling machine. Whether it is on the side or the upper plane, there are corresponding models to match. This labeling machine adopts a movable design and can be moved to any place in the assembly line. The labeling speed of this method is combined with the speed of the assembly line, so it can keep up with the speed of the assembly line. Recently, Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers have designed a set of double-sided large labels on carton boxes for customers. The length of the label is the same as the length of the carton, and the height is half of the height of the carton. This is the case of large labels. The label needs to pay attention to accuracy and speed, and to avoid blistering on the label surface. Therefore, the labeling speed, the labeling speed and the labeling mechanism need to be modified appropriately. The labeling on the top, bottom, and both sides of the large carton on the assembly line is relatively simple. If the front and back are pasted, one can use suction and cover it with a mechanical hand, and the other is to use the conveying corner to turn the carton. 90°, in this way, the front and back sides become the sides, just use the side line labeling machine.
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