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Labeling opportunities will not produce exhaust gas-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-27
The parts are damaged or rusty; due to the influence of moisture or improper maintenance, when the labeling operation is performed again, due to the uncoordinated operation of the various parts, damage is formed, and unpleasant gas (exhaust gas) is generated. So there will be no exhaust gas in the automatic labeling opportunity? This requirement depends on the labeling equipment. Exhaust gas will definitely occur if the quality is unqualified, the use of residual oil, or other reasons.     There are not many terms involved in the daily use of automatic flat labeling machines. The commonly used terms are 'correctionWhen we put the label on the packaging container, we will define the center line of the theoretical correct position of the label in advance. However, the label applied by the automatic flat labeling machine deviates from the original defined position, but the deviation Within the specified range, we call it 'positive standard.'    'Positive Marking Rate' refers to the percentage rate of the number of positively-labeled packaging containers to the number of packaging containers among the packaging containers being inspected. 'Labeling rate' is different from the positive labeling rate. It refers to the percentage of the number of packaging containers that are correctly labeled in accordance with the labeling requirements when using the fully automatic flat labeling machine and the total number of packaging containers that are inspected. 'Label damage rate' refers to the percentage of the number of labels damaged by the labeling machine during the labeling process and the total number of labels consumed during the labeling of the packaging container being inspected. 2. Use defective lubricating oil; in labeling operations, using a step-by-step control and servo control system, leading the parts to run at high speeds, the defective oil will evaporate and produce unpleasant odors (Exhaust gas). Therefore, when the user consults and chooses a labeling machine, he should choose a labeling machine manufacturer with strong production capacity, and check carefully in terms of test machine inspection. Generally, manufacturers will pass the document table, which supplements the specific introduction of the function parameters of the equipment for you to check. Pay attention to maintenance during use.
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