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Labeling machine structure and use-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
The main working mechanism of the labeling machine is composed of a label supply device, a label taking device, a printing device, a gluing device and an interlocking device. The labeling machine manufacturer pointed out that the labeling device. The label supply device refers to a curse that can supply label paper according to certain technological requirements during the labeling process. It usually consists of a standard warehouse and a label pushing device. The standard warehouse is a device for storing labels, also called a standard box.     It can be designed to be fixed or swing according to requirements. Its structure has two types: frame type and box type. Box type standard warehouses are more used. It is mainly composed of a bottom plate and two side plates. The distance between the two side plates is adjustable to adapt to the size change of the label. The adjustment usually adopts a screw device. Different structural forms such as comb tooth shape are used to prevent the labels from falling from the label bin, and at the same time, the labels can be separated one by one during the label collection process. The label bin of the automatic labeling machine is equipped with a label pushing device, so that the front label can be continuously replenished after being removed. There are several types of common label supply devices as shown in the figure. For the carriage type, the label box is designed to be inclined. When pushing the label, the inclination angle and the weight of the carriage determine the driving force for the label stack. For the heavy hammer type, the label box is horizontal, and the pushing pressure determines the weight of the heavy hammer. The machine needs to be stopped when replenishing the label. It is mostly suitable for vertical labeling machines. It is a lever type, and the label box is erected to supply the standard from the top. The standard supply force is determined by the size of the counterweight. As the label decreases, the push plate automatically rises. It is suitable for horizontal labeling machines, with simple structure and high productivity, but it needs to be stopped for replenishing labels. It is a spring type, and the pushing pressure is the elastic force of the spring, which is variable. When the label stack is thicker, the pressure is greater, and vice versa. The spring can be a disc spring, and the machine needs to be stopped when replenishing the label. It is suitable for the vertical labeling machine. The labeling machine method of use:      The first point:      How to install the label paper of the labeling machine ① Make sure that the label is properly pressurized when adding labels. If the pressure is too high, it will cause the labeling to be misaligned when labeling, and at the same time, accelerating the labeling hook will also cause a certain amount of wear.    ②When adding labels, ensure that the labels are aligned. The first label should be kept between 0.1~0.2mm between the guide forks and the fingers should evenly press the labels on the side strips. After the fingers are opened, the roller sponge needs to press the label on the bottle. Finally, to ensure that the label will not be skewed, the vertical and horizontal positioning plate must be adjusted. The second point: the labeling detection when the labeling machine is working. Take the automatic round bottle labeling machine as an example. When the bottle reaches the labeling position through the conveyor belt, it is necessary to ensure that the label brush vertically and smoothly presses the label evenly. This process If the pressure is insufficient or the pressure is too high, the labeling position will be skewed, so the operator needs to pay attention to this. When the automatic labeling machine is found to be skewed, the pressure of the standard brush should be adjusted.    Third:      hot melt adhesive labeling machine use process need to pay attention to the following points:     ①When the thickness of the adhesive layer of the label is too thick, it must be cleaned in time, otherwise it will cause the label to shift.    ②The temperature of the glue should be moderate. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity will decrease and the labeling will be inaccurate. Excessive temperature will cause the glue to overflow during labeling and affect the appearance of the product, so the use of glue must be adjusted according to the temperature required by the label. ③ It is very important to choose the right label paper in combination with the product. Here, the editor recommends Dongguan Jiaojiaozhe Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., a professional labeling machine packaging machinery manufacturer. The label paper selection will be made according to product characteristics and output requirements. Detailed plan.    ④The labeling machine should be cleaned regularly, such as rotating wheels, label boxes, squeegee, rubber rollers, etc. Familiarity is the prerequisite for driving, and the details determine the duration of use. A little more care will definitely bring greater value.
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