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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-25
Labeling equipment purchases a wide range of businesses, from companies to small home workshops, all need to buy a labeling machine to label the product surface or other locations. In the face of large-volume product processing enterprises, the labeling equipment must be equipped with corresponding functional parameters in addition to being seamlessly connected to the production line. This is also the case for small and medium-sized manufacturers with small-scale production, but the functional parameters must be provided. Corresponding changes. Facing the labeling needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers, Bogao, a professional labeling machine manufacturer, summed up advanced technologies at home and abroad, combined with more than ten years of experience in labeling equipment, and independently developed automatic small labeling machines. The equipment includes many Various types to meet the labeling needs of products in different industries. 1. Research and develop a variety of labeling types, focusing on labeling in various industries; in the face of the needs of manufacturers, the company is equipped with three types of labeling categories such as flat, round bottle and side. Most products in the chemical, electronic, chemical and other industries are labeled. For products in other industries, special equipment is required for labeling. For this reason, the company is equipped with a special labeling machine category to solve the labeling needs of manufacturers for special types of products. 2. According to the actual situation, provide equipment customization services in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements; the functional parameters of the standard machine are far from being able to meet the labeling requirements of the manufacturer’s products, so Bogao logo provides the labeling equipment customization service, and provides solutions based on the parameters provided by the user. Realize the needs of manufacturers from the source. Small automatic labeling machine: It has the characteristics of convenient movement, small area and simple operation. As a fully automatic labeling equipment, it is equipped with a large number of labeling types, which are used for labeling various products in the industry. The automatic flat labeling machine is a small automatic labeling machine with stable labeling parameters and a high degree of automation. It can realize stand-alone operation and connect to various production lines. The whole machine adopts a lightweight stainless steel body with four fixed roller skates at the bottom. Compared with other labeling equipment of the same type, the machine weighs only 160kg and is easy to move. It is a lightweight type. Although the equipment has a lightweight body, the functional parameters of all aspects have not been weakened. The labeling equipment is suitable for flat products in various types of positions. The average labeling speed ranges from 50 to 200 pieces per minute. It can be adjusted according to user requirements. The self-adhesive label produced has a firm and stable self-adhesive film. In addition to the equipment equipped with related production management functions, automatic correction functions, and protection functions, the equipment can be tailored according to the product requirements of different users, and the exclusive required functions can be customized. Allow users to implement simple operations on the system's touch operation screen.
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