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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-24
Although China's labeling machinery manufacturing level and industrial design level have developed rapidly compared with before, its own weaknesses cannot be ignored. The first reason is the adoption of methods such as imitation, introduction of technology and capital, and global procurement. The limited technology makes my country unable to innovate independently. The second reason is that the labeling machinery industry in my country started late. After more than 20 years of development, it is still unable to achieve the precise development of machinery. Therefore, for my country's automatic labeling machinery manufacturers, perfection should be refined and specialized, which is the path that my country's labeling machinery should take. Taking the road of precision and expertise, we should conduct sophisticated research on the equipment requirements and technology of the front and back of labeling. For example, the labeling machine in the pre-production work. For automatic labeling machines, various forms need to be developed. The automatic labeling equipment, growth rate and accuracy, stability and reliability, and automatic labeling equipment. For the labeling machine, shorten the gap with the international advanced level, increase the speed, improve the performance, develop large-scale aseptic labeling technology and equipment, and develop liquid aseptic labeling equipment, cups, aseptic labeling equipment series products, The development of aseptic labeling machinery products can fill the gap in the country. In the external labeling materials used, it is necessary to improve the safety and reliability of the operation of the product, in addition to plastic film labeling, the development of labeling equipment, origami wrapping, wrapping equipment, the development of various auxiliary equipment, and the expansion of functional host applications. Labeling machinery in the world attaches great importance to the development of high-tech products integrating machinery, electricity, light, sound and magnetism. High production efficiency, resource utilization, energy saving, high-tech practicality, and commercialization of scientific research results have become a worldwide development trend, which is the development direction of labeling machinery. However, for our country, due to technical and financial problems, development is the only way to take the path of precision and expertise. The labeling machine, which occupies the leading position in the labeling industry, needs to be reformed to adapt to the social and economic trends.
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