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Labeling machine label material is complex and difficult to detect problems-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-18
No matter which industry is developing rapidly, the packaging industry is the same. With the increase of manual and automation, the labeling machine has to increase its own value to meet the development of market trends. After investigation, the editor of Bogao logo found that most users Many people in it have encountered some technical problems such as difficulty in detecting special labels, labeling, labeling accuracy, speed and so on. The key to solving these problems lies in the tag sensor. Sensors play the role of 'eyes' in the labeling automation system. Due to the different production processes and complex labeling procedures of modern commodity labels, the requirements for label sensors are becoming higher and higher. A powerful label sensor not only means the solution of traditional problems, but also expands the capabilities of the entire labeling automation system. 1. The initial state of the label and the trouble of learning when changing the label In order to facilitate the use of the label sensor, Bogao has a multi-turn external knob to adjust the sensitivity, and the digital tube displays the sensitivity, which is intuitive. The button at any position outside has a one-key learning function. This function is the result of development after absorbing market opinions, and the use of the product strengthens its user-friendly side. 2. Affected by the environment, high-speed detection and instability cannot be achieved. Due to different technical principles, tag sensors have the same resistance to environmental interference. For example, photoelectric products and ultrasonic products have varying degrees of response to sound and light, and have relatively harsh environmental requirements. Weiheng label sensor greatly expands the range of product use environment. The principle advantage determines that it can enter high-speed operation more stably, and can reach 10KHz on-off detection per second. 3. The label material is complex, which makes it difficult or unstable to detect. There are nearly 20 kinds of modern label materials. With different processes, detection is even more difficult. To break through this difficulty, the label sensor in the labeling machine of Bogao logo can do it. The all-round label sensor is developed for a variety of labels, including high-difficult labels such as hot stamping transparent labels, metal labels, hot silver labels, and transparent labels. The operation is not affected by thickness difference, material, transparency, color, etc. The advancement of industrial automation has made labeling automation systems widely used in all walks of life. At the same time, we will also face the challenges brought by different industries. For example, the beverage industry requires speed, accurate positioning, and multiple labels per bottle, and the appearance of the product often changes; another example is the fierce competition in the food industry, and the use of multi-layer labels to save space for publicity, the pursuit of beautification and the use of special techniques; the battery industry requires labels The interface should be flat and short circuit should be prevented. Various application schemes put forward higher requirements for the design of label sensors and labeling machines.
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