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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-11
From the observation of search engine popularity and search volume, customers of many packaging companies are generally concerned about the difficult question of which labeling machine to choose and the price of labeling machine. The price of self-adhesive labeling machine is based on the development law of the market economy. Of course, it may also be considered as the artificial regulation of the labeling machine manufacturer. However, no matter what, I believe that any event occurs for a reason. If we If you can’t change the environment, then you must learn to adapt to the environment. Next, I will analyze the factors that affect its price and let you know why its price fluctuates so much so that you can know it well in future choices. Everyone knows that the labeling machine headers are imported, and some are independently developed by the labeling machine company. If they are imported, in addition to the cost of the product itself, there are labor costs, freight, taxes, etc., these They are all outside of the product, but the merchant will not be so stupid to pay the fee, so it will increase the price of the product to make up for this. Similarly, even if it is not imported equipment, if we want to produce high-quality equipment, my country's current technical level needs to be improved. This means that we need to buy imported parts from abroad, so the price of the product will increase. As we all know, as long as it is a little well-known thing, no matter how simple or how the thing is, its price will not go as cheap. Customers want to buy better quality products, so their eyes are on some large enterprises. , But I feel that the price is unacceptable. I buy something that is not produced by a well-known company. I also feel that the quality is not good. This kind of ambivalence of customers has always been an unsolvable problem. However, I want to give everyone one point. It’s the same as the first point we mentioned above. I believe everyone knows the reason for the high price. After purchasing the product, the user always hopes to get something like a warranty within a few years, and hope that if the equipment is broken, it can be repaired in time, and also hope to get regular maintenance. These user needs are reasonable, but the business also needs to operate. It is impossible to do a loss-making business to meet your needs. Therefore, what everyone thinks is free. In fact, it has already been counted in the equipment you purchased. Among the costs.
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