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Label labeling machine is widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-10
Labeling machines are widely used in the medical industry and have the following functions: anti-counterfeiting measures for medicines; preventing medication errors and unreasonable medication; patient identification and tracking; recall of problematic drugs; tracking documents, test tubes, medicine bottles or specimens ; Tracking of medical equipment and medical equipment. In terms of pharmacy, anti-counterfeiting, and market regulation, the identity of the label attached to the product is unique and difficult to copy. It can play a role in querying information and anti-counterfeiting. It is a very important measure for investigating and dealing with counterfeit and shoddy products. In addition, it can also play the role of real-time monitoring throughout the entire process. The labels can be monitored during the entire process of drug research, production, circulation and use. Especially when the product leaves the factory, when the product is labeled and packaged by the automatic labeling machine, the reader installed in the production line can automatically identify the information of each drug and transmit it to the database. Intermediate information can be recorded at any time during the circulation process to implement full-line monitoring . In the packaging and labeling production line, when leaving the factory, in the process of product circulation, storage, and circulation, until the process of consumer purchase. If the label is used to record the whole process, record, track, and trace the medicine in time, this problem will be solved. The automatic labeling machine not only brings convenience in life and work, but also means a more timely data collection method and an era of rapid development. The entire living environment of mankind will also undergo a fundamental change. The application of labels is all-encompassing and will be a hot star industry in the world in recent years. With the development of market economy in China, especially the demand of packaging industry and anti-counterfeiting industry, the domestic label market has maintained a continuous growth momentum in recent years. The average annual growth rate is 15%-20%, which is incomparable with other packaging and printing industries. However, the label labeling machine is still in its infancy in China. At present, due to the high cost and price, it has not been widely promoted and applied. However, as technology improves, costs and prices drop, its development potential is huge, and its prospects are also very attractive. In the information society, the acquisition and processing of various information requires fast and accurate. In the near future, label labeling machine technology will penetrate into our lives and improve our lives like other identification technologies. Automatic labeling machine manufacturers feel that the wide application of electronic labels in tobacco, alcohol, medicine, food (agricultural products), book printing, packaging and archiving, anti-counterfeiting, car keys and other industries promotes the development of automatic labeling machines.
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