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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-09
The first National Cosmetics Safety Science Promotion Week was launched in Beijing, with the theme of 'Use makeup safely and make life beautiful.' For more than 40 years of reform and opening up, my country's cosmetics industry has developed rapidly, and safe and high-quality cosmetics have become the daily needs of people from all walks of life. In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the safety of cosmetics. The supervision system has been fully implemented. It has planned a professional cosmetics supervision system from a high starting point and formulated high-quality cosmetics industry laws, regulations and technical specifications. It has implemented high standards for all parties’ responsibilities, and promoted cosmetics with high efficiency and efficiency. The industry is developing healthily, the cosmetics industry is developing vigorously, and the safety situation of cosmetics is generally sound. Many friends who are interested in cosmetics should be able to find that due to the increasing development of the Internet in recent years, many previously unheard brands have appeared in front of us, but when faced with many brands that may not have been heard before, Can it be used if it is reliable or not? Warm reminder from Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers: regular cosmetics companies will use supervision equipment in the middle and back packaging of their products, and strictly control the sealing packaging. The packaging box will use the labeling machine to print out the QR code, barcode, and barcode. It has a barcode traceability system and a function of authenticating. This is good news for friends who can’t distinguish between true and false. Yesterday, my country's Food and Drug Administration sent us a big benefit, and launched an APP for cosmetics supervision. From now on, just open the APP and scan it to make it clear. We must know that the ability of Internet celebrities and purchasing agents to bring goods is very strong. We can still understand the endorsement of some relatively well-known big brands, but there are more Internet celebrities who only look at the endorsement fee and really use it. Those famous products are few and far between, but they are advertised well. Not only that in our circle of friends, there are probably many Wechat merchants who regularly recommend some Wechat brands of cosmetics by scanning the screen regularly. Of course, Chinese people hope that our domestic products will become better and better, but for some Sanwu brands that have not been filed. We can't just listen to the one-sided words of WeChat business. So back to the above, the APP+ barcode will be true and false by scanning it.
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