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Label labeling machine allows you to clear the list of product ingredients

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-08
Faced with milk tea, which is a must-have cold drink for shopping, it is not easy to refuse. When you drink milk tea, it also adds a lot of calories and nutrients. Do you know what constitutes these ingredients? Therefore, clear sugar labels, calorie labels, etc. are necessary. In the food industry, many manufacturers have begun to mark calories on the outer packaging of their products, so that consumers can see the calories they eat at a glance. This humanized feature is also recognized and loved by the new generation of consumer groups. In addition, my country has attached great importance to food safety issues in recent years, and issued a number of relevant policies to standardize the production and packaging process of enterprises to allow the healthy development of the food industry. With the healthy development of the food industry and increasing control over food safety issues, the labeling machine industry has also been synchronized with the food packaging industry. At present, the varieties, models and brands of labeling machines produced by labeling machine manufacturers in my country are diversified, and some companies have made great progress in their technical level, from the original manual and semi-automatic production mode to fully automatic label changing and labeling. The basic information of the self-adhesive labels on our common food packaging is marked by the labeling equipment. Labels can promote more standardized product packaging and bring consumers a sense of trust and purchase pleasure. The working principle of the labeling machine/Labeller is the labeling machine equipment that sticks the rolled self-adhesive label on the PCB, PED product or specified packaging. According to the classified items, there are automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine, rotary labeling machine, corner sealing labeling machine, flat labeling machine and so on. The labeling machine developed and produced by Bogao Sign Automation has the advantages of beautiful labeling, firmness, not easy to fall off, high labeling efficiency and fast speed, and labeling accuracy of ±0.5mm, which is favored by users.
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