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How to use the rolling labeling machine to prevent problems

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-12
The label is a must-have item for the product, and the rolling labeling machine is a kind of equipment that professionally handles the labeling of the product. It adopts a bottle unscrambler to support the automatic bottle feeding process, and continuously tear off the roll label paper, according to the required position on the railway bottle body , This labeling method is beautiful, firm, does not fall off by itself, and has high production efficiency. Before using, be sure to select the appropriate label to prevent doubts in the operation process and delay work efficiency. For the rolling labeling machine, it is particularly important whether the data used in the label can improve the rigidity of the label, because this affects whether the label can be issued normally in the process of operation. Generally speaking, the thickness of label paper has to be controlled above 100um, and labels with small areas are not suitable for large labels. In addition to paying attention to the thickness and area of u200bu200bthe label data, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the surface of the label bottom paper is evenly coated with silicon, whether it has good tensile strength and good light transmittance. At the same time, before the operation, the label is usually processed, and the bottom paper after slitting is required to be flat and free of breaks to prevent the bottom line from cracking when the tension changes. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the label in the roll paper before labeling. Static electricity, due to static electricity, will cause the phenomenon that the label does not appear or appears inaccurate when labeling. Common problems encountered in the process of using the rolling labeling machine include the wrong length of the label, the misalignment of the label interface, the curling and coloring of the label, and other common problems. Then understand these common problems, and repair the labeling machine for the problems. If the length of the label is incorrect, it is necessary to repair the label sensor of the labeling machine. Whether the electric eye is in doubt. At the same time, ensure that the label and the label drum are fundamentally parallel. If the label interface is misaligned up and down, the flatness of the labeling machine should be adjusted, and the labeling board should be adjusted. For labeling problems, it is necessary to control the blowing pipe of the labeling machine and lower the temperature of the rubber roller. However, there are many factors that cause color problems. It is necessary to recognize whether the color improvement is in place, and then manually roll the machine to adjust the label. To sum up, we understand that although the labeling machine is a professional equipment for product labeling, before using it, it is necessary to select the appropriate label to prevent doubts in the operation process and delay work efficiency.
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