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How to use the barcode printing and labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-13
Barcode printing and labeling machines are different from the inkjet printers, laser printers and stylus printers that we usually contact with. The barcode printing and labeling machine is planned to have barcode-related knowledge, so how to use the barcode printing and labeling machine? The following Bogao logo bar code printing and labeling machine manufacturers will give you a preliminary introduction: 1. Unpacking inspection: Needless to say, this step can be checked against the packing list, a brief start. However, if you find that the physical object is inconsistent with the items in the list, remember to contact the seller for verification and approval, so as not to affect the normal use. 2. Device consumables: 1. When installing labels and ribbons, just print the device instructions in the labeling machine according to the bar code. Note: When installing the ribbon, it is necessary to distinguish the winding direction of the ribbon, and do not install it backwards, otherwise it will harm the components of the barcode printing and labeling machine. In the ribbon slot. 2. When installing labels and ribbons, be careful not to scratch the print head. For example, rings, tools and other items. Keep the ribbon and label away from mud, sand, dust, and other debris. 3. When a new label is installed for the first time, the printing and labeling machine will do the job of measuring paper. 4. After installing the label and ribbon, be sure to close the iron cover. 5. Please use high-quality ribbons and labels, otherwise the print head will be easily damaged. 3. Online power-on: The power switch is located behind the printing labeling machine, and a 230V or 110V toggle switch can be seen. When setting up the printing labeling machine, please pay attention to check the position of the toggle switch to ensure that the operating voltage of the barcode printing labeling machine is consistent with the power supply voltage, and check whether the power supply is connected to a safe ground. Note: When plugging or unplugging any connection, the power supply of the microcomputer and the bar code printing and labeling machine should be turned off. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the main board of the barcode printing and labeling machine and the microcomputer. Certain external influences, such as lightning, noise on the power supply or signal lines, can also cause the barcode printing and labeling machine to malfunction. Turn off the bar code printing and labeling machine, and then turn it on again, the bar code printing and labeling machine can be restored to normal. 4. Calibration before printing: After the consumables are installed and the power is turned on, the label and ribbon need to be calibrated. After the calibration is successful, it can ensure accurate and error-free printing. 5. Daily protection: The print head belongs to fine parts. The printing and labeling machine is in working condition when it is running, and it is relatively easy to be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended that the maintenance cycle is three rolls of labels or one roll of ribbon after printing. , Clean once. Protection method: close the power supply of the printing labeling machine, dipping a cotton swab with more than 99% industrial alcohol, and scrub the surface of the printing hair hotline in one direction. After cleaning, wait for the alcohol to evaporate before turning on the power. If we have a large barcode printing and labeling machine failure during use, it is generally divided into three categories: operating errors, software failures, and equipment hardware problems. For hardware problems within the warranty period, you need to contact the after-sales personnel of the seller to find a solution in time. Video of how to use barcode printing labeling machine. Today, the editor of the bar code printing and labeling machine will first introduce it here. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact Bogao Marking Company.
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