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How to solve the problem of missing labeling on the automatic labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
Many people's automatic labeling machines will have the problem of missing stickers when they are in use. After finding someone to fix it, you can ensure that there will be no missing stickers for a period of time, but after a period of time, there may be missing stickers. In fact, the problem of automatic labeling machine leakage is very easy to solve, so the editor of Bogao logo will introduce how to solve the problem of automatic labeling machine leakage. If there is no bag under the material opening of the automatic labeling machine, the material leakage problem occurred when the clamping suction cup was opened in the past, and the material opening was opened. This indicates that the pressure detection switch of the automatic labeling machine has not been adjusted properly and needs to be adjusted. If there is a bag under the unloading door, one of the claws fails to grasp the bag, and the sprinkling occurs when the unloading door is opened, which indicates that the pressure detection switch has not been adjusted properly. If there is a corner leakage during the blanking opening, first check whether the suction cup of this corner is damaged. If there is no damage after inspection, then check whether there is any foreign matter in the suction cup cover that blocks the blanking opening. If it is not the problem of the discharge port, then it is likely that the filter has too much dust. At this time, the filter should be removed for a cleaning, so that the problem can be effectively solved. If none of these problems are found, it is very likely that the discharge opening is opened too fast, and the suction bag opening is scraped, and the opening speed of the discharge opening door is slowed down. If sprinkling occurs, check the gap between the opening suction cup and the discharge door. Is it misaligned? Another thing to note is that when replacing the product, pay attention to whether the current product is consistent with the automatic labeling machine. If it does not, it is likely to be missed. In addition, if the powder product is damp, It may cause missed stickers.
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