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How to solve the problem of low conversion rate of automatic labeling machines? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-11
Automatic labeling equipment is more and more widely used, especially in toy labeling, electronic product labeling, and daily chemical industries. Manual labeling is skewed and uneven, and the efficiency is low, especially for special-shaped product labeling, which can no longer meet the production needs. Setting up an automatic labeling machine has become an indispensable improvement link. Equipment investment will consider the return on investment of the equipment. If the conversion rate of the equipment is high, the return on investment of the equipment will be high. How to solve the problem of low conversion rate of automatic labeling machines? First of all, we must choose equipment from most of our product requirements. If your product batches are different, but each product is highly similar, you need to use equipment to solve the labeling needs, and the products are only different in size. In this case, you can choose an automatic labeling machine that can meet your needs, which is convenient to improve the utilization rate of equipment conversion. Secondly, we must consider from the equipment manufacturers, we must choose equipment manufacturers with follow-up research and development capabilities. We can make corresponding changes according to the customer's follow-up needs, and it is more important to have design and Ru0026D capabilities. Third, we must consider the equipment itself. Choose the type of equipment with strong versatility and convenient conversion. Bogao's labeling machine does just that, and it has strong versatility. When converting, you can easily convert as long as you change the bottom mold fixture of the equipment, which solves customers' worries. Before investing, you must do a good job of investigating the strength of the labeling machine manufacturers. You can't make generalizations based on the price of the equipment, and comprehensive consideration will bring you the greatest benefit.
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