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How to solve the inaccurate labeling of the automatic labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
I believe that most manufacturers buy labeling machines and label them when they are in use. Inaccurate labeling and missing labels have always been one of the common faults of automatic labeling machines. These faults will occur as soon as they appear. It has a great impact on production. In order to solve these problems for everyone, the technicians of Bogao Logo will explain carefully what to do with the inaccurate labeling of the automatic labeling machine. The most important thing to solve the problem is to analyze the cause of the problem. Generally speaking, there are two situations in which the accuracy is not accurate. One is the problem of the product itself, and the other is the problem of the automatic labeling machine itself. 1. Reasons for product labeling: First of all, we have to check whether there is an error between the size of our label and our product, and if so, we can adjust the size of the label. 2. The material of the label also has a certain influence on the labeling, so you should also pay attention to the material selection. It is best to choose a material with moderate hardness for the label. 3. Reasons for the automatic labeling machine: The main content of the equipment analysis includes two major developments, one is static and the other is dynamic; the static cause is the head shaking, the solution: by tightening the head And adjust the fixed seat, so as to achieve a fixed head, so as not to shake; specific reasons for the dynamic aspect: a) conveying the product shaking solution: by reducing the guide gap to avoid the product on the conveyor; 4. The speed and product of the label The speed of advancement is not well debugged. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the product should be slightly faster than the speed of the label, so as to ensure the accuracy of labeling. These are the solutions to the inaccurate labeling of the automatic labeling machine summarized by the Bogao logo technicians. I hope you can help in the actual operation.
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