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How to set up the automatic labeling machine in actual operation? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-08
Today’s packaging basically has to meet a variety of different packaging needs. In fact, most people are still very interested in the packaging of labeling machines, because the labeling machine itself is for effective packaging of products in a variety of different industries. In today's sustainable development of global packaging trends, some of these trends will also cause labels to become thinner and thinner, and materials will become more and more sustainable. That is to say, during the actual setting of the labeling machine, Basically to meet the existing environmental protection and recycling needs. 1. In the actual packaging design process of the labeling machine, the current template must be used for comprehensive packaging, and some sharp edges must be marked out when packaging, only in this way can the final packaging be satisfied. need. 2. It is best to reduce the marked distance gradually, because this must meet the actual requirements of various industries for labeling machine packaging. For example, compared to the original scraper on some pressure belts, it must be More distance, usually if we use some transparent surface materials for packaging, then basically we need to use some positioning sensors suitable for transparent materials for packaging. 3. If the label of the labeling machine touches the surface of the bottle for the first time, a label suitable for transparent materials must be used as the positioning sensor. For example, you can choose a capacitive sensor or an ultrasonic sensor. 4. In many cases, the labeling machine must use brushes or low-density foams for full packaging. For the application of pressure-sensitive labels, we must apply various films on this, and it is not recommended to use brushes or It is a low-density foam pressure roller, and the labeling at this time must meet the relevant surface labeling requirements. These devices cannot apply enough pressure on the label surface, so the air under the label cannot be completely eliminated. 5. Starting from the edge of the label, slowly apply enough pressure to ensure that the labeling machine package can be completely compliant.
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