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How to realize the labeling of softer bottles by automatic labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-06
Soft bottle labeling skills The bottle is relatively soft, how to label when there is no product to be filled? This situation is rare. In most product production processes, the labeling process is performed after the product is filled. However, it is not ruled out that some bottle suppliers need to label the bottles first and then sell the products to customers. In this case, this labeling technology will be used. Because the bottle is relatively soft, it will be soft with a slight pinch. When the round bottle labeling machine is labeling, due to the clamping of the labeling mechanism, the labeling may be unsatisfactory. The clamping is too loose, which will cause Unable to re-subscribe normally. In this case, it is necessary to use the soft bottle labeling technology. According to the size of the bottle mouth, you can choose two ways to solve it. The first type, the mouth is as big as the bottle body, similar to a jar. In this case, a jig is needed. When labeling, the jig is placed in the jar and then labeling. The second type is ordinary small mouth bottles. This type can choose to use an inflatable topping mechanism for labeling. On the ordinary topping mechanism, an inflatable structure is added. When the product enters the labeling station, the topping mechanism blows air into the bottle. A temporary filling state is reached, so that the label can be normally labeled. Since pressing and labeling are carried out simultaneously, the speed of labeling is not affected. It is a very ideal soft bottle labeling technology. For this kind of machine, our Bogao logo labeling machine has many application cases. If you have such a need, you can contact me by phone or WeChat. It will be more straightforward to show you the video.
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