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How to quickly identify the reliable labeling machine manufacturer-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-26
1. The manufacturer should judge the speed of the labeling machine according to its own requirements, and determine the speed of purchasing the labeling machine in combination with the front-end production line. Only by comprehensive consideration can it be perfectly matched to achieve true optimization, rationalization and uniformity. 2. The labeling process belongs to the final packaging process of the product. The quality of the labeling is directly related to the appearance of the product and the market promotion. The labeling accuracy is high, the printing effect is good, the label is flat and does not wrinkle, and it is a symbol of high-quality products. Otherwise, the product grade will be reduced invisibly. 3. We need more technical parameters to understand whether the labeling machine is stable, whether the design of the fuselage structure is reasonable, whether the layout of various lines is regular, whether the component structure is stable, and whether the electromechanical quality is high, so as to ensure the machine It operates normally under long-term high-load conditions. 4. Recognize the needs of your own production. Including product variety, specification and quantity, product output and production efficiency, label requirements, site requirements or whether to connect to the production line requirements, etc. The labeling machine market includes multi-functional labeling machines, simple labeling machines with special functions, high-performance, high-speed and high-precision labeling machines, and various price gradient products. Some customers often fall into misunderstandings and require strong, large, and complete equipment. Blindly requesting some functional configurations that are not available in their own production will cause unnecessary waste. Taking into account the upgrade space of its own products, the correct choice of product labeling specifications and product speed. 5. Testing and evaluation. For customers who use the labeling machine for the first time, because they are unfamiliar with the performance and application of the labeling machine, they should try their best to send the samples and samples that need to be labeled to the labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing, so as to reduce the feasibility of purchasing the machine. risk. 6. On-site visits. Bogao flat labeling machine manufacturers sincerely invite you to visit our company on site, bring samples to the site to test the machine, and purchase after seeing the effect of the paste and the satisfaction of the service, so as to truly achieve zero risk in procurement.
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