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How to make product labeling special-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-15
Today's product design and labeling need to attract consumers' attention and make them appreciate the purchase. In product design and labeling machines, we must dare to think and innovate. Only different concepts can reflect the characteristics of different products. Product design and labeling must first of all ensure quality and bring a clean and fresh vision. It can be said that visual marketing has become the only way for product labeling. Dare to innovate is the main means to improve product design and labeling. Innovation is to dare to break through the use of traditional colors. Considering that in the era of marketization, commercialization and branding of product quality, unique colors will leave consumers with unique visual effects and deep brand impressions. Visual graphics, information text and brand color are the three major elements of visual performance, and they are also an important part of the labeling machine. When we face colors, our psychology is always affected by colors and changes. Some of these mental states are instinctive reactions, and some are related to nature, environment, and things. Therefore, in product design and labeling machines, the abstract expression laws of different colors should be fully considered, so that the colors can better reflect the attributes of the goods, adapt to the psychology of consumers, and meet the needs of consumers at different levels in the target market. For example, the pure water in mineral water and beverages is usually non-green or blue on the packaging, while the pure water of Wahaha is just the opposite. The bold use of red seems to be that people associate pure water with the hot red environment to quench their thirst. As a result, they quickly swept the Yangtze River and the South. This is an innovation in the United States, seeking innovation in a comparative context. One is a comparison of the same series, and the other is a comparison between the packaging and the packaging itself, which still produces good results. For example, shrimp sausage should be orange when choosing sausage, and in the color design of the label, it should be orange or navy blue. In order to create a unique style and personality in product design and labeling, graphics are an important means of expression. It plays a very important role in conveying products to consumers through visual effects. It has a strong visual impact, which can attract consumers’ attention and generate a desire to buy. In terms of pattern design, we can neither worship foreigners nor keep it unchanged. In terms of artistic style, the more national and international change. For example, tea packaging labels can use folk paper-cuts or traditional silk patterns, or Chinese painting art. But this is not a copy, we have to make a breakthrough, and the same is true for product design and labeling. Visual graphics, information text and brand colors are the three major elements of visual performance, and are also an important part of product design and labeling. Careful consideration of these three elements can make product packaging labels attract consumers' attention. In short, no matter how good the label packaging is, the label labeling machine is indispensable. Because of manual labeling, there are inevitably low processing accuracy and easy foaming and wrinkling. The label labeling machine can position and label, which can easily solve this problem. , And solve the troubles of 'untidy' and 'bubbly' for you, save costs manually, increase profit margins and facilitate management. Make product packaging labels more beautiful and convincing.
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