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How to maintain the aging of automation equipment in Shenzhen real-time printing and labeling machine? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao Standard

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-14
For decades, real-time printing and labeling machines have been used in various industries, and this classic model has been well received by users. To this day, there are still users who use the old models ten years ago to affix their logos. The old machine is aging. However, the sun and the moon are changing. People use the phrase 'flowers have a reopening day, no one will be young again' to describe the aging of the years and the loss of youth. Machines are also eroded by time. Some sophisticated and reliable classic models may show signs of aging due to 'internal injuries' caused by long-term operation. You can evaluate the aging of the equipment by reviewing whether the current machine has the following conditions: Unstable print quality, frequent labeling head, filter clogging, and electronic fault reporting. Increasing the labeling machine system’s slow response and the root cause of the fault. And hidden dangers In some cases, the above-mentioned faults will also appear in the new real-time printing and labeling machine. The difference is that new machine faults are generally easy to troubleshoot and can be solved by simple maintenance. However, there are many aging parts of the old machine components, and it is difficult to troubleshoot the cause-just like people in the middle and old age, the limbs may not be damaged, but there are many intractable diseases in the five internal organs. This has caused an increase in the maintenance cost of the old machine and also reduced the user's production efficiency. In addition, the risks caused by some comprehensive failures, such as product rework due to unstable printing quality, and complaints from end customers, also trouble some users of old machines. How to comprehensively maintain the old machine In order to improve the performance of the old machine, we recommend that users who find the equipment showing signs of aging, ask professional engineers to check the machine’s labeling head, main pump, filter, drive rod, low-voltage power supply, interface board cable and other components. And check the aging of the pipeline. A one-time comprehensive investigation and replacement of parts may help restore the old machine to a relatively good condition. Similarly, in daily use still need to rely on good habits to ensure the stable operation of the real-time printing and labeling machine. Embracing Industry 4.0 Real-time printing and labeling machine series is also an innovative product of Bogao Logo to open a new era of logo, redefining the concept of logo. In the 4.0 era, more and more forward-looking companies have begun to transform and comprehensively improve their digital intelligence capabilities, from inefficient operations and empirical decision-making to efficient operations and precise decision-making supported by digital intelligence. The real-time printing labeling machine series give customers more capabilities through automation and the Internet of Things, which can help users connect communication islands between equipment, comprehensively manage equipment OEE, optimize production efficiency, and at the same time, increase automation capabilities to avoid human operation errors. The high price. With the help of real-time printing and labeling machine series products, many customers have already felt the changes brought about by technological changes and achieved considerable results. We also hope that we can do our duty as a pioneer in our industry and help more companies embark on the road of 4.0 development.
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