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How to label a bottle with multiple labels? -Automatic labeling machine manufacturers-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-24
How to label a bottle with multiple labels? This method of attaching multiple labels to one product has been applied to many products. Take a can of biscuits recently bought in a supermarket. The biscuits are packaged in a PET plastic can. There are two labels on the front and back of the can, and a label is also affixed to the bottle cap, and the label is a sealing label. Link the cap and body together. In this way, 3 labels are attached to a product. In this case, can we use a labeling machine to complete the labeling work? The answer is yes. There are two ways to solve this labeling method: 1. Combination of multiple labeling machines and double labels on the front and back of the bottle body can be used with Bogao logo round bottle labeling machine, and the sealing label on the bottle cap can be covered by a flat labeling machine with a corner. The labeling mechanism is completed. Two independent labeling machines can be used in combination or used alone as labeling of other products. It covers an area of u200bu200btwo units and the labeling speed is slightly slower than that of the combined multifunctional labeling machine. , After all, her transportation journey is far. 2. The multi-functional combined labeling machine is a labeling machine. On the round bottle labeling unit, the conveying is extended by about 900mm, and a flat labeling mechanism and a corner covering mechanism are designed and installed on the conveying. In this way, The length of the unit is shorter than the two units. The footprint is small, and one of the labeling functions can also be turned off, and used as two single units. Compared with two units, it has a small size and a small budget. A labeling machine is equipped with multiple labeling heads, and the technology for multi-label labeling of a single product is very mature. At present, the Bogao logo labeling machine produces the most flat and side multi-label labels.
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