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How to improve the technical requirements for the use of round bottle labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-12
There are still certain requirements in terms of technology, but when we use the round bottle labeling machine, we have certain tips, which can speed up the production efficiency of the round bottle labeling machine, or improve our use efficiency. Summarized a few can improve the efficiency of the labeling machine. Now the editor will share with you: With the continuous development of science and technology and automation technology, round bottle labeling machine equipment has been more and more widely used. In order to effectively improve the labeling effect of the round bottle labeling machine, and to minimize the phenomenon of trademark wrinkles or pinching, it is necessary to improve the round bottle labeling machine system in time. First, change the stainless steel pad strip on the label-revealing drum into a tendon pad strip. In actual operation, stainless steel mats, nylon mats, and tendon mats have been used. At this stage, beef tendon pads have been widely used in round bottle labeling machines, which have the following advantages. First, according to the beef tendon label, it has good resilience and minimizes the phenomenon of pinching when removing the drum label. Second, the beef tendon pad has a good friction coefficient, and the surface is relatively smooth, so it can be smoothly selected. Third, the equipment wears slowly and can be used stably for a long time. On the premise of the original three rows of brushes for the trademark machine, two more rows of brushes were added to improve the tightness of the brushes and ensure that the labeling can be carried out more smoothly. Before backing the label and labeling, it is necessary to install an oblique brush with an angle of about 70°. One is to properly add a sponge roller to the labeling machine, so as to change the bubbling, label warping, and wrinkles in the middle of the labeling machine in time. The second is that the sponge roller is relatively soft, not only will not damage the bottle, but also will not wear the trademark. The third is to properly set up a brush in front of the sponge roller to brush the back label, and the sponge roller rolls over the back label again to ensure that it becomes more smooth. After improving the labeling machine equipment, the OPQS score was increased by 2% to 3%, and the score could reach 97-99; the wear of label paper was reduced by 0.18, so as to effectively solve the problems of wrinkles, bubbling, and pinching, and to ensure the labeling of round bottles. The machine has a better use effect.
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